Friday, August 28, 2009

An Evening With Amy ~ 27th August, '09

It's 27th August 2009 ~ A day before pay day ( che wah..fikir banyak sangat kah gaji tu ) hehehe...With Suliza in the morning shift, I thought there will be someone else with us that day...It's a great day, though...Okay, cut the crap, forget about the work area..Let's talk something after work...Then, my mind started to think of what do to after work..Photoshooting! Since the sunset is so red ( Senja Nan Merah lah kununnya ),I decided to to take some photos, then out of suddent, my lovely neighbour, Amy texted me ~ asking what's up for evening....Hehehehhe...My "evil" plan comes, ~ to "victimize" her as my model..hehehehehe...What A evil mind...Hahaha... Anyway, thank you Amy, for your time too! Well, here are some shot with Amy that evening...Forgive me, since this photo is not edited. How I wish my PC are here with me in Miri..Anyway, thanks for the time my neighbour.. Feel free to comment!

Thinking of you...I wonder who... :P [ Lover in Mulu ]


tubik said...

Nice mode and a very sporting neighbour you got there. Some of her poses are natural so that's a good thing. Composition can be bettered. Ask her out again and do some more ya. Cheers!

Joshua Aquinas DIng said...

thanks bro...indeed i am thinking to ask her... :)

Terry said...

if she's not free, im available for u! u come to KL, i bring you to the spots ;)

Joshua Aquinas DIng said...

hmmm..sound promising bro..

where was it? :)