Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cross Department Recycle Design Competition ~ Miri Marriott Resort & Spa

It was a warm afternoon at Miri, I was on morning operation with Jolly & Nabilla ~ I think all the girls was with me for that morning ( from the AYS team to the Front Desk, except the Bellmen )..It was around 1200hrs, I was called to take some picture for the design presentation. I was great to see all the creative stuff, made all from recycle item; newspaper, cans, bottle, well, you name it.  What interest me of this competition all teams come from various departments, all work together as a team. Great job teams!

Team "Boleh Punya" with their product of "KLCC Tower", mostly made from beer cans...I guess this team were great in drinking..

The "Green Team" with their "The Grand Old Lady". Most of the item used are newspaper. I wonder why their using the red coverall, and GM is in red too...ada main buyuk kah?
The "Power Puff Girls", with their "Sea Horse"...made by newspapers too...

The "Thunder" team with their "Sea Horse"  and the "Octopus" design from the "Sir Q" teams.                           
I love the way Julia smiles.. I wonder why Delyn must spoil this photo with her "Peace" sign

Happy Merdeka guys!

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