Monday, August 24, 2009

A Sunny Sunday Evening ~ 23rd August

It's a cloudy Sunday morning on 23rd August. I was on my one day off; an off day replacement. Though it's a cloudy day, I manage to do my laundry! It's great to met my old friend, Mark whom just arrived from Huston, United State with full of stories & new experiences. I wonder when will be my turn..I did save Edna & Deylin's day ~ she left her car keys inside her car when attending the Sunday Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral

It's a sunny & beautiful Sunday evening, so I decided to go for a shooting at the Esplanade again, with my trusty DSLR Sony A Series, the A300 ~ luckily not with AK-47!

Some of the photos I took during the day. I really enjoy to see the kids enjoying themselves with the sand castle and running around...I wish I have these chances before... :)
I wonder that the birds are discussing of.... :)

Sorry, I forgot the adjust the ISO value accordingly. ( That answer why the photo is quite dark)
...Senja Nan Merah..Che Wah....
And the end of the evening, I was invited by Edna & Deylin for a dinner. Wow! these two girl really a good cook! ( recommend to those bachelor out there! ) I really enjoy the meal & the time with these two. Thanks Edna & Deylin!
I end my evening with 3 bottles of cool Carlberg with Terry, George & Jeffery at Seahorse... :)

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