Friday, December 18, 2009

~ Warisan Kita~

Seem quite some time I didn't have the chance yo update my blog...hehehe..some cultural photos to share with...

Taken with my A300+SAL75300+DF400MZ....It's a cool night, with those Canonian guys; Fred & Lobs, and of the FF Nikonian Nainet..

Really love the way this guy play the Sape'..Kalah Eric Clapton & Karlos Santana yooo!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Tribe , My Pride

I was invited by Florence [thanks ya!] for a simple photoshooting during a function held here in Miri.It's a colourful ceremony with beautiful people who fills the night.

Though I'm so called "Kayan Sesat", I'm proud to be one of the Orang Ulu too!

Most of the photos were taken with my SAL 75300 lense and it's not easy to take photo in low light...  :( That's why some of the photo you see a bit soft. I'm using the 28mm f/2.8 lense too. 
Really wish I had the 70200 f/2.8 lense for this type of photo shooting... :)

Some photos to share during the night...Feel free to C & C!

So glad to see the younger generation still inherit the traditional dance...

The Elders....

...And the younger generation....

My Colleauge from Engineering Team ~ Florence in Kayan costume

My Ex-College mate ~ Mellisa in her Kelabit Custome...

Sapa bilang Orang Ulu tidak cantik? :P

Unlucky me till this hour, I didn't have the chance to have Orang Ulu as my lover
[ Che wah! ]

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Moon - 01st November 2009

Bulan oh bulan...It's full moon again!

This shot was taken from the ParkCity Everly Hotel's Bintulu car park ~ just after the Staff Annual Dinner. Shots were taken with my SAL 75-300mm, most of the photos were taken at focal length of 210mm ~ 300mm, speed of 1/125 ~ 1/200, and f/7.1 ~ f9...

Feel free to share your C & C... :)



Sunday, November 1, 2009

ParkCity Everly Hotel 11th Staff Anual Dinner - Sport Night

Hehehehe...For the 2nd consecutive year, I felt honored to be invited again by my good friend for the Staff Annual Dinner 2009, this time it is a Sport Night theme.

Unique theme, it is quite simple shall I say, but enjoyable night. It is a great feeling to meet again all my old colleagues from front office department, and also from various department.

You guys rock! Some pic to share during the event.. :)

Chairman's Speech ~ Peter Patrick

 The Admiral of the Everly fleet ~ John Augustine

My Ex-Front Office Team with Lee Ser and Sophia

Chef Tan MH before reciting the Six Promises To Our Customer

King and Queen of the night ~ Jimmy and Mei Ling., for the 2nd consecutive year! ... ;) Hebat!

Long Service Awards for staff who served more that 10 years.

Thanks again for the invitation! Feel so honored. Hope to see you guys again next year!

Home sweet Home...Bintulu

It's 30th October 2009 ~ Home sweet home..It's good to back again after almost 6 months didnt come back to Bintulu.Thanks for your companion, Ekin, for the two hours journey from Miri ~ Really didnt feel it's a long period [ since i use to drive alone ]. It.s good to see & spend my time with my families & friends too...

As usual, my trusty sniper a.k.a A300 with it's lenses will always be with me all the time..

Though it is a short holiday [ just for 4 days ], i really enjoy the time. Some photos to share, that I took here in Bintulu... :)

My Ex- Associate of the Front Office Department ~ Nurain...

Lydia and Faisal.
My crazy cousin ~ Vic - My Ex-Teammate from Regency Plaza Hotel to ParkCity Everly Hotel. She's attached to the reservation department. 

The one and only Ideng...Accidentally meet her at the Everly's swimming pool...

My cute asu a.k.a Tunui [ Ekin call this creature Tunui..I didn't know where's she got such name ]

Some photos from the Kemena river, at Bintulu Promanade next to ParkCity Everly Hotel Bintulu....

Really enjoy my four days off here in my own backyard...Wish my buddy Kenet & some of the photo kaki were here too!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sony Alpha Workshop ~ 20th October 2009

Hehehe..this is my 02nd time attending the workshop. Just to gain for info & to get first hand answers from the speaker

It's a short workshop; really enjoy it...and I have the chance to play with the awesome Sony Alpha A900 DSLR, the dream lense SAL70200 G f/2.8 and CZ lense...huhuhuhu...Oh A900, Oh G lense, where are thou? :)

As usual, I didn't edit all those photos...Enjoy to comments & critics!

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