Thursday, September 24, 2009

Plane Spotting

Off day! , so I decided to shot some big bird at Miri Airport..

Thanks to my 75-300mm lense, at least it help me in my shoting range.. ;)

Thanks to MAB, I had the chance to shot planes without chased by police or mistaken as a terrorist! ;)

Enjoy! Feel free to comment... :)

This shots was taken after fews days laters....

Satu hari Di Hari Raya

20th September 2009 ~ It's Hari Raya! I just finished my midnight shift, have a good sleep before house visit in the late evening.

It's quite a heavy rain for the first day of Hari Raya. Guess, i was a cool day!

We started our visit to Noormy's resident at Taman Tunku. Then, we move to Pujut where Diannah & Fairul were expecting for us. hahaha! Then we move on to Kartini, Nabilla & Ahmad resident's. Last is Suliza resident...It's a colourful celebration!

On the 2nd day of Raya, I joinned my family in Jamal's resident in Desa Murni..

Selamat Hari Raya..Maaf Zahir Batin... ;)

"Spirit To Serve The Community" Project At Kampung Sealine, Miri

It was a beautiful Saturday morning on 19th September, I just finished my midnight shift, together with Kak Pira & Nabilla. Guess it was a so called silence night ~ not much activities during the night, as most of my reports & audits were done by 0300hrs. Okay, let put aside my daily routine... :)
One good thing I love about the Marriott Internationals is the Core Values ~ The Spirit To Serve. The Spirits is the Spirit To Serve Our Guests, Our Associates & Our Community. Today we are going to one of the unfortunate family in Kampung Sealine, somewhere in Lutong. I was joined by fews associates; John & Catherine from Housekeeping, of course Madam Rita, our Director Of Human Resource ( DHR ), Mr Gillbert Webber of the Director Of Operation ( DOPS- My BIG bos!), My "Topinai" Shirley our ADOSM and Madam Cynthia from S&M and Madam Ramala of the Laundry Manager. Unfortunate for Mr Roy, My superior ~ Mr FOM ( Front Office Manager ), he was unable to make it due to operation needs in the resort today.

 When we arraived, there was some other team from the Miri City Care Society ( MCCS), and some volunteer from RTM, NGO's and their neighbour too. I didn't expect that Miri has such a carring comunity!

It really struck my heart to see the condition of the family ~ with most of the basic living were incomplete!

Some photos to share with. Sorry folks, the image quality is not sharp since it was quite a challenge to take picture in the very low light.

Though I haven't sleep today, and I will be back in action again at 2100hrs later, it is a joy to given an oppurtunity to participate in giving a hand to the unfortunate. I hope there will be more project in the near future.
Let us pray, that The Merciful God to continue to bless them, give them courage & strength, true faith & certain hope, and grant that they may also share in the inheritance of the Kingdom Of Heaven..Amen.. ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Miri At Night ~ An Experiment Shot

It's was a warm Saturday evening, I went for a dinner with my God Father a.k.a Bara ( Hehehehe...Kepala Mafia Brighton..ahahaha! ) somewhere around Miri city centre. A simple dinner, yet very filling... :)
Taking the oppurtunity to explore & test my lastest lense in my inventory ~ the Minolta Prime Lense 28mm f/2.8.. First time using it, something new and intersting to explore it, and to maximize the usage.
These three photos was taken somewhere in the town area, feel free to comment & critic how to improve it!
Some shot taken from the Petroleum Museum....
Feel free to share your thought how to improve this shot!

Sunday Morning

It's Sunday...Hehehe..I woke so early, and decided to attend the Sunday Morning Mass at the Carmellite Chapel, just few minute from my place. I try to recalled, when is the last time I attended Sunday Mass...Oh My, I can't even recall it. It was so embrasing, that I have to figure out what is the sunday mass scripture reading for the mass.

Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned againts you..

Ir's was almost 0830hrs, just after finished the mass, I went strait home, as I meet Duke, my neighbour for morning breakfast..Yum Yum! Thanks Duke!

Fuh! So frustrated with the slow broadband connection..Even to view & listen my favourite song from YouTube.Com take more than half and hour!
It's quite a warm day here in Miri, with a little hazy, shall I say..
I went to Canada Hill for a few snap of photos; testing the new 28mm f/2.8 prime lense..To be honest, it will take time for me to master the usage of the lense, since I never use any Prime Lense before. Not really used to the usage of the lense, I guest it will be very interesting to explore it! ~ Some shot taken from it, feel free to comment and share your critics how to improve the photos!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Moon ~ 04th September '09

It's a Thursday warm night, I was with Brian & George for the Afternoon Operation. I guess its all the guys who run the show, with Eric in the AYS Centre...It's a warm night, wish there's a cool breeze from the South China Sea..It's full moon too!
It was 0000hrs, just after I sign off from my duty, as I walk towards my Mini Porsche a.k.a Kancil, out of suddent, I feel try to take some photo of the moon. Here some of the photos. Sorry guy, my 75-300mm, f/4.5 ~ 5.6 lense is out of class compare to the NASA or Hubble Space Telecope Carl- Zeiss lense...The image might no clear as theirs..hehehe..anyway, feel free to share your thought how to improve these images.
Some other shoot before I went off from the car park...
No Turning Back..Heheheh..But God allow's U-Turn if you made the wrong way.. :)
I had a warm Teh Tarik and Roti Canai with Jusdean just after the photo shooting. Thanks for the companion & helping me with the tri-pod stand too!