Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pre - Hari Raya With RTM

I was on morning shift on Wednesday, a cool & so called relax day. Yet, towards the end of my shift, thing going busier~ follow up with DOPS, FOM etc etc etc...get used to it already. It was 1830hrs, when I'm about to sign off, my "topinai" ( In Sabah ~ Kadazan language mean Brother, sought of) Shirley Ariffin a.k.a SA and the cool Suryati invite me for the government function at RTM Miri. With "Batik" attire? I didn't bring my Batik since I move to Miri. Hmm...the last time I wear my gorgeous red green batik somewhere in Bintulu when I was with the VH group. Reluctant to go, but no choice since SA manage to find one for me..thanks..

It's a cool night, can feel the breeze from the South China Sea. There were five of us from Miri Marriott; SA, Kak Yati, Roy, Lian and me myself. Numbers of invited guests that I knew since I'm working with VH group ~ ParkCity Everly Hotel Bintulu. It's so great to meet old friends again.

It's a simple, yet colourful function held at RTM Miri. I just wonder, why RTM Miri held such function even before the Ramadan Month..But I a good function that foster team work & relationship between the government body & the corporate sector. Not forgoten those hard life families , I think around 20 families from various village were invited as they were given some donations from RTM and another government bodies & corporate sector, to ease the burden during the Ramadan month.

What make the function so special for me, the foods & beverages were not cater as usually the government is currently practicing. Every department comes with their own stall & various of food ~ Which is very special & family oriented!
Anyway, Thanks for the invitation, Shirley!

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