Sunday, September 13, 2009

Miri At Night ~ An Experiment Shot

It's was a warm Saturday evening, I went for a dinner with my God Father a.k.a Bara ( Hehehehe...Kepala Mafia Brighton..ahahaha! ) somewhere around Miri city centre. A simple dinner, yet very filling... :)
Taking the oppurtunity to explore & test my lastest lense in my inventory ~ the Minolta Prime Lense 28mm f/2.8.. First time using it, something new and intersting to explore it, and to maximize the usage.
These three photos was taken somewhere in the town area, feel free to comment & critic how to improve it!
Some shot taken from the Petroleum Museum....
Feel free to share your thought how to improve this shot!


vivien_capri said...

i like the 4th n 5th pic.


did u use a tripod stand? nice night shots.

wait a few more practices, and i think u'll master the lenses :D

Joshua Aquinas DIng said...

thanks vien..

you guess? i didnt use any tripod..thanks to the 28mm lense, the big aperature, f/2.8 ~ 3.2, it help a lot..

thanks..tgh byk practice ni