Thursday, April 1, 2010

Earth Hour - 27.03.2010

It was a warm cloudy evening of 27th March 2010, and we have a photo shooting session for the Earth Hour at Miri Marriott Resort & Spa..Thanks to PR Manager, Lian & Associate Director Of Sales & Marketing, Shirley for the kind approval to do the photo's not easy to have the access in Marriott property for photo shootings.

As usual, the "Kambingssss" ~ Karlos, Nainet, Gandut & Weina is the team of the night. 

Shoots before the earth hour, somewhere around 2015hrs...

And the hour...Let's give Mother Earth a break...

A bit disappointed, not all guests are willing to support the initiative. Perhaps they think money is everything. Still bright, right? Indirectly, it produce a cool shoot too!

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