Thursday, February 11, 2010

Miss Vathsala Farewell Party

"Never Say Goodbye" ... A wonderful song from Jon Bon Jovi...I guess this is the best to describe on the farewell of Miss Vathsala, or known as "Miss V", our dynamic Director Of Sales & Marketing [ a.k.a DOSM ]

Ms. V has been here with the Miri Marriott Resort & Spa team since the opening, that is somewhere in late 2004. She played an important role during the transformation of the Miri Marriott Resort & Spa from the previous Royal Rihga Hotel.

She has done a great job here in Miri, and leave us with the firm & strong sales foundation for its team.

Thank You Miss V, all the best for your in your career advancement as the General Manager of the Renaisannce Hotel Melaka.

Hehehe...My Nite Shooting of the Main Building of the resort...Wish I can shoot better, and will try it again during the twilight time... :)



gadis baju merah said... sgt chantek...bleh la apply jadi murid lpas ni kan cikgu jding?hehe..

tubik said...

waduh. last photo cun.

Joshua Aquinas DIng said...

gadis baju merah: boleh..janji ko belanja aku kat hot shoppe kelak..
tubik: thanks...thought of shooting it again, this time aroudn 1830hrs...