Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Making Of "Imperfect" by NainetPhotography.com

It was a sunny Sunday evening, thanks to my buddy, Nainet who plan for a TT at Hawaii Beach, Miri. Just the two of us, since those friends unable to make it...

I have no idea what to shoot when we arrive there. Nainet gear was awesome, with the UWA [ Ultra Wide Angel ] lense, of course the dream Full Frame DSLR, Nikon D700 [ but of course, I dream of the Full Frame Sony DSLR A850 or A900]
...No idea to shoot,I shoot anything that crossed my mind...
A coconut & The Man Who Sold The World...Che Wah!

and ...The Making Of "Imperfect"...

Link to NainetPhotography.com...Check it out!

Shoots were taken with Minolta Prime Lense 28mm f/2.8
and the legendary Minolta "Beercan" 70-210mm f/4.


vivien_capri said...


suka saya tengok sunset tu o..! gorgeous!

apa lens ko yang 1st pic tu?

ko ada edit ka pics ko ni, topinai?

Joshua Aquinas DIng said...


yg wide angel, kununnya la..sia guna Prime Lense, Minolta 28mm f/2.8..tapi sia open dia kat f/8 to f/9 since ambik landscape ni..

editing? very simple simple editing..believe it or not, just using photoscape!

vivien_capri said...

an already perfect picture needs only minor editing ba

wau....ur pics r getting better!