Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sony Alpha Workshop ~ 20th October 2009

Hehehe..this is my 02nd time attending the workshop. Just to gain for info & to get first hand answers from the speaker

It's a short workshop; really enjoy it...and I have the chance to play with the awesome Sony Alpha A900 DSLR, the dream lense SAL70200 G f/2.8 and CZ lense...huhuhuhu...Oh A900, Oh G lense, where are thou? :)

As usual, I didn't edit all those photos...Enjoy to comments & critics!

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tubik said...

wah. nice potraiture geng. I personally haven't tried the 70200G or any of the ff bodies. Must try after this. :D Glad to know Sony brought models for its workshop nowadays.

Joshua Aquinas DIng said...

thanks bro!
it's a cool feeling to try the 70200G and A900..

Anonymous said...

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