Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Tribe , My Pride

I was invited by Florence [thanks ya!] for a simple photoshooting during a function held here in Miri.It's a colourful ceremony with beautiful people who fills the night.

Though I'm so called "Kayan Sesat", I'm proud to be one of the Orang Ulu too!

Most of the photos were taken with my SAL 75300 lense and it's not easy to take photo in low light...  :( That's why some of the photo you see a bit soft. I'm using the 28mm f/2.8 lense too. 
Really wish I had the 70200 f/2.8 lense for this type of photo shooting... :)

Some photos to share during the night...Feel free to C & C!

So glad to see the younger generation still inherit the traditional dance...

The Elders....

...And the younger generation....

My Colleauge from Engineering Team ~ Florence in Kayan costume

My Ex-College mate ~ Mellisa in her Kelabit Custome...

Sapa bilang Orang Ulu tidak cantik? :P

Unlucky me till this hour, I didn't have the chance to have Orang Ulu as my lover
[ Che wah! ]

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patchris said...

pictures like your allow us to appreciate tradition. keep up the good work :)