Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mr Hawaiian Nite Good Looiking & Miss Hawaiian Nite Photogenic MYYMC Associate Annual Dinner 2011

It's Associate Annual Dinner again! This year, one of the highlight of the light is Mr Hawaiian Nite Good Looking & Miss Hawaiian Nite Photogenic competition. 

The committee member of the AAD never expect such overwhelming respond from the associates in this competition. These categories is limited to 5 person each, but there's an exceptional in the Miss Hawaiian Nite Photogenic category.

Let us see the finalist for Mr. Hawaiian Nite Good Looking for MYYMC AAD 2010

Matthew Ngau from F&B Department

 Jeffrey Baki from the Front Office Department

 Reynold of Recreation Department

 Azryn from the F&B Department

Alvin from F&B Department

And the finalist for the Miss Hawaiian Nite Photgenic MYYMC AAD 2010

 Florence from the Engineering Department
 Nabilla from the Front Office Department
 Sofie from the Front Office Department
 Kartini from the Front Office Department
 Dayangku Suliza from the Front Office Department
Feldelia from the Culinary & Kitchen Department

The Winner? hehehehe...wait & see after the evening of 27th February 2011

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broken.xantara said...

cute~ everyone get to experience the vibe of being beautiful and gud luking...thumbs up josh!